Crop Description

Q. What is a “crop”?
A. A crop is similar to the “quilting bees” of old. A group of woman (and sometimes men and children) get together and work on their albums. Crops can be as informal as a few people at someone’s home around the dining room table or as big as 250 or more people working on their albums at a large venue. No Frills crops Scrapbooking average about 15 attendees but there is room for many more croppers!

Q. How long does a crop last?
A. Crops can last anywhere from a few hours to many days! Most crops are held as either day crops where there is a set beginning and ending time or weekend “retreats” which can be 2 or more days. For example a day crop might be 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on a Saturday. A weekend retreat is typically begins on Friday at some point during the day and generally ends sometime Sunday afternoon. Some weekend retreats offer an “early start” option with the weekend beginning Thursday evening. No Frills Crops Scrapbooking begin Friday at noon until 9:00 pm and resume at 9:00 am Saturday morning until 9:00 pm Saturday evening.

Q. Can we leave our space set up overnight?
A. Yes, croppers who come on Friday set up their spaces and leave Friday evening with everything left in place to resume scrapbooking Saturday morning.

Q. Can I come and set up on Friday night without scrapbooking and come back the next day?
A. Absolutely, in fact we encourage croppers who work on Friday and cannot come for the day/evening, to either drop off their “stuff” and/or set up so they are all ready for Saturday morning and can get started without missing any scrapping time. The same price is paid whether you come for one or both days so it’s a good option if you can’t scrap on Friday.

Q. Where are the crops held?
A. The crops are held monthly at the Manchester School of Tae Kwon Do, at the Gosselin’s Plaza, 270 Amory Street, Manchester, NH.  Click here for Google Maps.

Q. Is this address also the business location for No Frills crops Scrapbooking?
A. No. No Frills crops Scrapbooking does not have a physical address or a “bricks and mortar” store. We rent space from MSTKD monthly.

Q. Is there a phone number for No Frills crops Scrapbooking?
A. No Frills Crops does not have a dedicated phone number at this time. There is no phone at MSTKD. We can be reached at 603-391-8358.

Q. How would I get in touch with you?
A. Currently, all communication is via email – No Frills Crops also has a Facebook page and questions and comments can be posted. No Frills crops Scrapbooking also maintains a Group Page on Facebook.

Q. When are crops held?
A. Crops are held monthly. The schedule  is posted on our Event page and also on the Facebook page. An email notification list is also maintained. To receive a crop notice, send your email address to and request placement on the list.

Q. What is the cost?
A. The crops are two day weekend crops.  The cost is $20.00 whether attendance is for one day or two.   The venue does not provide tables and chairs, but No Frills crops Scrapbooking has a limited number of table and chairs available.  The tables are offered first paid, first reserved.  Currently there is an adequate number of tables and chairs to accommodate everyone who wishes to reserve a table and chair.  However,  once all tables and chairs have been guaranteed, “bring your own” table and chair is in effect.  Registrations received after all tables and chairs have been assigned will be notified immediately and will be given the option of bringing their own.  Preference will be given to 2 day attendees.  A waiting list will be established for those desiring a table and chair.  No refunds will be given for “no shows”, unless 48 hour notice is given and the table and chair has been re-assigned.

Q. What does the cost include?
A. No Frills crops Scrapbooking is strictly “no frills” however we do provide unlimited beverages throughout the weekend; for beverage choices, we have a Keurig with a variety of coffee & tea choices as well as hot cocoa and chai.  We have a Tassimo coffee maker which has cappuccino, hot cocoa, green tea and regular coffee available and an electric tea kettle with a variety of teas. No Frills Scrapbooking offers a variety of soft drinks and bottled water.  During the Summer months, the crops extends “no frills”  by reducing beverage choices to cold drinks and water only.  Meals are not provided, however the immediate area offers a number of options such as Chinese, pizza, sandwiches and various other dining choices.  A  Cricut Expression is available for use, croppers are requested to bring their own mats.  A computer, printer, and colored copier are also available.  No Frills has a limited supply of cardstock, adhesives and basic scrapbooking supplies.  Personalized cardstock, Personalized kits, mosaic paper, dies and  page kits may be ordered online Store  for delivery to  the crop.

Q. How do I sign up for a crop?
A. Check the Crop Calendar on our Events page.  Payment can be made by check or via online registration at Store under “No Frills Crops Weekend Events”.  We do not accept PayPal. You must register and pay to hold your space. Payment is required by the deadline date unless other arrangements have been made. Please remember that we need to have at least 6 confirmed croppers to hold a crop.

There is a deadline registration date for each crop which is posted on the Crop Notice and posted on our Facebook page and Facebook Group page. Registration and payment must be received by the deadline date for those croppers who want to reserve a table and chair. Tables and chairs are adequate but usually go quickly. If you wish to pay by cash please email us at and mail your registration. Registration and payment must be received prior to the deadline date. If all tables have been reserved before your registration and payment reaches us, you will be notified.

Q. What if I want to come at the last minute?
A.  Check with us if you are available at the last minute. If there’s a crop being held, and there’s a space available, you’re welcome to come. Walk-in croppers may only pay with cash or check at the crop (correct change is always appreciated). Croppers are welcome at any time, however, if you register after the deadline date, tables and chairs may no longer be available.

Q. What should I bring with me?
A.  The simple answer to what you should bring is, “whatever you want to work on.” Sort photos, assemble layout kits or work on a specific project or album, it’s up to you. Some people bring “everything but the kitchen sink”, some people simply bring whatever they need to work on a particular project.  However, if you are working on an album, we recommend you don’t forget the photos!

Q. Is there a minimum number of attendees required for the crop?
A. Good question. Yes there is. We require a minimum of 6 registered and paid attendees to hold the crop.

Q. Are massages available?
A. Yes, Alan Rose is our massage therapist for the weekend and is usually  available either Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. We try to notify our attendees which day, in advance.  If Alan is unable, we notify attendees.  Occasionally we will have a guest massage therapist if Alan is unable to join us. The fee is $1.00 per minute, paid directly to the massage therapist, and you are free to choose as much or as little time as you wish.

Q. Is the massage area private?
A. Although the studio has changing space, it is not sufficient for massage therapy. Massage is provided in an area away from the main portion of the room with dimmed lighting.

Q. Is parking available?
A.  The venue, Manchester School of Tae Kwon Do is located in a small strip mall which provides ample parking and a very convenient ground floor entrance for unloading and loading your scrapbook ‘stuff’. Many croppers drive up to the covered entrance door to unload or load.

Q. What other options are available for meals?
A. The area has quite a number of restaurants nearby.  Many of the area restaurants deliver. Kelly Street Bake Shop is a group favorite and within walking distance if you are so inclined; Gosselin’s Plaza has a very good Chinese restaurant just a few doors away from the studio and they will deliver; Chez Vachon, a popular breakfast and lunch restaurant, is also nearby.  There are several pizza and sandwich shops in the immediate area,  including Dominoes’ pizza.  Dunkin Donuts is a short drive away from the studio.

Q. Is there ample light and room?
A. There is more than ample light but you are free to bring additional lighting. Electric outlets, extension cords and power strips are available for your use or feel free to bring your own. There is more than ample room so you are free to bring as little or as much as you wish including an extra table.

Q. Are kitchen facilities available?
A. There are no kitchen facilities available. We have a small refrigerator reserved for cold drinks.  As a reminder – this is a “No Frills” weekend, choices are limited.  We regret that we cannot accommodate anyone who requires cold storage.  Snacks to share are welcome but don’t feel obligated! There is no storage space available for food so attendees are requested to bring any remaining snack contributions home.

Q. Are vendors at the crop?
A. There are no vendors at the crop. Basic scrapbooking supplies, such as cardstock & adhesive are available.  No Frills Scrapbooking is the home of Personalized Printed Cardstock and Personalized Page kits as well as two page layout kits, mosaic grid paper and dies.  Please check our Store for all of our  products.  They may be ordered online and delivered at the crop.  No Frills Crops™ Scrapbooking is also an advisor for Creative Memories scrapbooking products and offers a 30% reimbursement on all orders (excluding shipping). Occasionally a table is set up for croppers to bring in items they no longer want or use – “one cropper’s trash is another cropper’s treasure” to share, swap or give away.

Q. Is there a theme or agenda for the weekend?
A. The “No Frills Crops” Scrapbooking™  does not have a set agenda, no themes or contests. There is no set dining time. It is strictly designed for croppers to relax, have fun, do your own thing!

Q. Is the weekend limited to scrapbookers?
A. Absolutely not!  Our group includes card makers and knitters, quilters, and we have had a painter and attendees working on sewing projects.  We welcome anyone who would like to come and work on whatever their passion is! The only limitation is if the project is messy, you should plan on cleaning it up before leaving and you should be prepared to bring the appropriate cleaning materials for that purpose.  A project that has materials which are odorous or might cause an allergic reaction are prohibited.

Q. Do you host special events?
A. Every crop is special, however we do occasionally have some kind of surprise planned for attendees.  National Scrapbook Day is celebrated as a  big event  in May every year.

Q. What’s the “fine print”?
A. The MSTKD assumes no responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen items, nor any liability for any injury to individuals using the space either entering, exiting or while inside the studio.

Q. Is space available for private parties or other types of classes such as a home party consultants e.g. Thirty-One or a Zumba or yoga class?
A. Yes, however arrangements would need to be made directly with Manchester School of Tae Kwon Do.  Contact Master Richard Higgins at or Phone: 603-668-1813