Q: What is your email address?
A: janice@nofrillscrops.com

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all types: cash (for your protection, at events only) money order, check, all credit cards, debit cards. We can invoice you for payment, please email for this option. If you would like to pay by money order, cash or check please email for that option as well.

Q: How do I contact you?
A: Email is the best way to reach us. Email is viewed daily, and a response should be relatively quick. If we are at an event, we may not be able to readily access our email however, if you have not heard from us within 48-72 hours, please email us at ilv2scrap2@gmail.com. However, this email should only be used if you have not received a response from our business email – janice@nofrillscrops.com.

Product FAQs

Personalized Cardstock

Q. What is “Personalized Paper”?
A. No Frills Scrapbooking Personalized Paper was formerly known as the paper printing division of  Scrap it Simple.  No Frills crops Scrapbooking purchased the Paper printing division in October of 2015.   Personalized paper is cardstock which has been imprinted with the designs, text and colors selected by you!  Personalized paper has several different text style options with text running horizontally, vertically, in a micro or scattered pattern in a variety of colors.  You select the style, the text (words, names, sayings, titles, etc.) and the colors from the available color palette.  It is created specifically for your scrapbook  page, making it a unique feature in your album.  No Frills Scrapbooking Personalized Paper also offers over 40 graphic designs, such as birthday, holidays, sports, life events, travel and seasons to add an additional personal touch to your scrapbook pages.  You can check out the Personalized Paper here.  No Frills Scrapbooking Personalized paper also offers 2 page kits which include 4 sheets of personalized paper in addition to specific die cuts geared towards a theme.  Birthdays, weddings, Karate, baseball, soccer, graduation, family tree, baby boy and girl, camping, religious events , your dog or cat are among the 22 themed kits available. You can view the kits here. 

Q. Can you change the graphics or change the graphic colors?
A. No, unfortunately the graphics cannot be changed in any manner.

Q. Can the available colors be changed into various shades?
A. No, the colors available may not be changed.  We offer a variety of basic colors and light and dark shades of most of the basic colors. The  color palette option can be viewed here.  We do not color match cardstock or patterned paper.  We suggest you find shades of the available colors that complement your cardstock or patterned paper, if you plan to use either with your personalized paper.  However, if you wish to make a requests for colors other than those on our color chart there will be an additional 1.00 charge per sheet, the sheets must be ordered for shipping and colors are not guaranteed to match the requested color.  We will not accept any color variations at events.

Q. Can the fonts be changed?
A. The fonts cannot be changed.

Q. Why is there a limit on the number of characters for the scattered paper?
A. Due to the scattered pattern, any text, or name that is longer than 11 characters would not fit and the text would overlap and blend.

Q. Can you pick more than 2 colors or more than 2 lines of text per page?
A. No, although the paper has the appearance of more than 2 lines of color and text, it is really a smaller size of the large letter font, so that there will be a “big” line and a “little” line of the same text. The only exception is for the scattered paper with the graphic top border. You may choose a different color for the text in the border box, but not a different font.

Q. Is the Personalized paper acid and lignin free?
A. Yes, we use high quality, 80 lbs weight paper.

Page layout Kits

Q: What is a page kit?
A: A page kit is a layout with paper, embellishments, titles, and instructions all packaged together in a bag to create either one 12 x 12 page or two. It usually comes with a picture and instructions. Our kits feature a picture and brief instructions but everything you see on the picture is in the package so you can make the same layout pages you’ve chosen.

Q: Is everything pre-cut?
A: All shapes are pre-cut, in some kits, there are certain pieces which will require minimal cutting but will be described in the brief instructions, e.g. “cut 2 – 1” x 12” strips from xyz color cardstock” .

Q: How fast can I get a page kit done?
A: The kits are relatively quick to assemble. If you follow the design, putting page kits together is quick and easy. Depending on your skill level and experience, a kit could take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to complete. You are free to add to the design or change it up by adding Stickles, Wink of Stella, inking or whatever you wish, then it could take longer to put the pages together.

Q: Is there a picture of the layout on the instructions?
A: All kits come with a picture of the layout along with brief instructions below the picture. The Personalized kits have a picture of the finished kit with instructions in the back of the picture label. If you are having difficulty assembling the kit, please contact us at Janice@nofrillscrops.com and we will do our best to assist you in putting it together. If we are at an event, please don’t hesitate to come and ask.

Q: Do I have to make the layout exactly like the picture?
A: No. You can follow the instructions and picture provided, or be as creative as you want and do your own thing! The choice is yours.

Q: Do I have to put the photo mats the same way as the picture?
A: No, you can move them around or cut them to best fit your pictures. If you are making a kit with a specific set of pictures in mind, you can put the mats together but wait until you’ve selected the pictures to put them on the page by simply keeping them loose in the clear bag your kit came in.

Q: Are your page kits acid free?
A: Yes, all of the kits are acid and lignin free. The kit is assembled with high quality materials.

Q: What if my page kit is missing something?
A: If you have missing pieces, let us know right away at janice@nofrillscrops.com. If we are at an event, please come and ask for assistance. If making the request by email, please include, if possible, the kit name and number, a description of what is missing, the quantity and color. The manufacturer of Down Memory Lane Kits will ship the missing pieces to you directly. Any missing pieces request sent in after 180 days from your order/purchase date may not be able to be corrected therefore, requests must be made prior to that time.

Q: Can I suggest or request kit ideas?
A: Absolutely. If you are looking for a particular theme you do not see in our two page layout kits or in the Personalized Paper kits, email us with your request. We may not be able to fulfill all requests, but we will do our best to try.

Mosaic Moments Grid Paper and Dies

Q. What are mosaic lay out pages?
A. Mosaic pages are a beautiful and unique way of showcasing your pages. Typically, the mosaic page is created by cutting your photo, patterned paper or cardstock into 1” squares and placing them about ⅛ to ¼ “ apart to create a “mosaic” effect.

Q. How do you cut the squares?
A. No Frills Scrapbooking offers several “non-traditional” products to help you create beautiful but quick and easy no measuring mosaic pages. We offer a 4 x 6 grid die which cuts a photo, cardstock or pattern paper into perfect 1” squares which are ready to place on mosaic grid paper especially designed for mosaic pages. The grid die accounts for the ⅛” separation between squares, making it a simple process to cut and adhere your squares to the mosaic paper which has the square lines already imprinted.

Q. Do all mosaics have to have 1” squares?
A. No, mosaic pages can feature a variation of styles and cuts. No Frills Scrapbooking offers several sets of nested dies which cut photos, cardstock and pattern paper perfectly to account for the ⅛” spaces on the mosaic paper and include dies for layering.

Q. How does the grid and nested shapes cut the photos?
A. Both the grid and the nested shapes require a die cutting machine to cut your chosen material. The dies work with just about all die cutting machines. You just have to have the best method for your machine. Sometimes the material you are cutting with the dies requires some “shimming”. Just add pieces of cardstock to the cutting “sandwich” until you’ve reached the correct pressure required for a clean cut. Your “sandwich” should not be difficult to get through the machine or require a lot of force to turn the handle. After the cut is made there should not be a “ridge” on the picture or other material. If that happens, it means you have too much pressure going through the machine. Remove some of the shims or experiment with the “sandwich” plates until you come up with the “right” combination for your material. Although this sounds like a lot of trouble, it really isn’t. Once you have practiced using the dies, it will be “a piece of cake” to create beautiful pages with them.

Q. Can embellishments be used on mosaic pages?
A. Absolutely!  Mosaic pages are beautiful when used for pictures of flowers and nature but mosaic pages can be made for any type of subject including bachelorette parties and Disney pictures!  In addition to a variety of nested shape sets and the 4 x 6 grid die, No Frills Scrapbooking offers  a large variety of cornerstone“tile” dies which can be used specially on mosaic pages as well as any scrapbook page.  The “tiles” create beautiful and unique embellishments for the mosaic pages and feature themes such as “Seaside, Cruise and Compass, Picnic Basket, French Quarter, Gingerbread Man, Snowflake and many others.  In addition to the tiles, No Frills Scrapbooking carries Alphabet and number dies which are specifically designed for mosaic pages.  The Alphabets create titles, dates, names and whatever you wish on your Mosaic page.  You can view the dies here.

Q. Does Mosaic paper have to be used for mosaic pages?
A. Although we’ve rarely seen mosaic pages that don’t use the mosaic paper,  grid paper is not necessary to create the effect.  It is highly recommended for a more professional, clean look however.  It can be quite difficult arranging the squares to line up perfectly.  The grid paper does it for you by using the imprinted lines as a guide.  No Frills Scrapbooking carries a large variety of mosaic paper cardstock with over 50 colors available. You can view them here.